is an art-centric social brand bringing the best in music, visual art, and web3 technology together to create new futures for people of color. The tenets of vsn are compassion and equity.

the music is a calling card imbued with overarching themes of joy, self-celebration, sensuality, and spirituality. It's meant to entertain, enlighten, and galvanize listeners to action around wellness and community.
the future is flora.
released july 14, 2021

feat. saze, yolophonik, rocky snyda, leo manzari, chorder, jay blue

the sophomore album picks up where "BLOOM." left off, and adopts a similar format: 8 undeniable records that can be played seamlessly on loop, approximately 30 minutes long.

each song is created to be its own compelling, unique work, all while connecting to an ascending narrative that starts and ends with an acknowledgement of the agency that lies within self.

wherever you are, bloom.
released july 9, 2019

feat. kxng rxme, malik bawa, & pandi
“bloom.” is an introduction that solidifies visionnaire's unique blend of R&B, future bass, and various styles from across the African Diaspora to create fresh-yet-familiar soundscapes used to narrate the past, present, and future of black people.
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